Build Your Sustainability Strategy With Data

In a world where every business must deliver on ESG, sustainability must be central to your strategy. How can you lead your teams and inspire your customers in a way that embraces and champions sustainability?

Elastacloud, a world-leading pioneer in data engineering, has done extensive research on the data and practices required to build a sustainable business.

In its new report, “The Next Generation of Sustainability Leadership,” Elastacloud defines the seven pillars of sustainability leadership and the vital skills that teams need to build to ensure the successful adoption of transformational practices.

This report is essential for business leaders with a focus on sustainability.

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The Next Generation of Sustainability Leadership – The Authors

Darshna Shah

Head of Sustainability Centre of Excellence at Elastacloud. Microsoft AI Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Finextra Sustainable Finance Live contributor.

Richard Conway

Co-Founder of Elastacloud and CEO of Elastacloud. Microsoft Regional Director and Retired Azure MVP. Finextra Sustainable Finance Live workshop lead.

Andy Cross

Co-Founder of Elastacloud and CEO of Elastacloud Digital. Microsoft Regional Director and Retired Azure MVP. IoT leader.

What our customers say

Elastacloud provided a level of support and consultancy to us. They’ve been incredibly knowledgeable and their liaison with Microsoft has meant we have got to the point where our technology platform is world-class.

Nick Ogden, Executive Chairman

What our customers say

The quality of the consolidated data has presented exciting new opportunities for us. We can better extrapolate and visualise unique insights from the data.

Mark Ketley, Head of IT


Elastacloud is the only provider of enterprise-grade and sustainable data solutions that deliver insights to grow business value.
With our help, you can quickly, securely and cost-efficiently create intelligence that will enable you to reach your sustainability goals. Our world-leading technology delivers robust ESG scores that enable experts to analyse how well a business is embracing sustainability. And we can look into the future to predict future performance against ESG targets. Elastacloud can also carry out carbon accounting – with strategic insight into the changes you need to make to improve your scores. That expertise underpins our report into The Next Generation of Sustainability Leadership. Download your copy today to find out more.
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