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Intelligent Spaces

Data solutions that make your premises more efficient

Data that describes the places where you live and work has so much to tell you about how the environments – and the experience of the people who spend their time there – can be improved. And Elastacloud has several ways of extracting the most relevant data to enable you to make those enhancements.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Elastacloud has created and refined tools that enable clients to use BIM to learn more about their spaces. We have the capability to record accurately the dimensions of floors, rooms, windows, doors and other installations. We then create a digital twin that can be analysed to investigate where there are improvements that can be made.

This can extend to the materials used, the energy efficiency of the rooms in your property, even the level compliance to fire safety regulations.


Internet of Things (IoT) feeds

Another way in which we deliver Intelligent Spaces is by making use of the data produced by devices such as sensors. If you have equipment that collects data relating to the air quality in your room, the levels of carbon dioxide and the temperature, we can build a tool to enable you to collate and analyse that data.

You may want to know about occupancy levels; if a room is left empty for long periods, for instance, you may conclude there is little point heating it all day.

Hospitals are one example of premises that benefit significantly from our Intelligent Spaces products. We enable health trusts to view their energy and water usage, but also the numbers of patients queuing to be seen in A&E.

Our focus on sustainability solutions means we are adept at measuring how energy efficient a building is – and how it could be more so.

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