Chlorophyll absorbs the solar energy which drives the reaction between carbon dioxide and water, and is the reason plants are green.


Intelligence that helps you to hit your sustainability targets

Capturing the right data and insights for your company is just the starting point in the drive to meet sustainability goals. What’s now critical is how your organisation will use this data to build real intelligence, transform operations and create a culture of sustainable growth.

Elastacloud recognises that the strategic importance of ESG goes well beyond the data. We are the only company that can bring together data and sustainability to help your company to create intelligence that builds competitive advantage and sustainable growth. We have spent two years building a team of experts who are trail-blazers in the use of technology that turns data into sustainability solutions.

ESG scores

Companies now invest time and money in ensuring that they meet certain environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. Sustainability is now a leading priority for businesses, and falling short can cause reputational damage, as well as harm to the value of a company.

As a result, the ability to assess your business’s performance – and that of your peers – through ESG scores is incredibly important.

We are able to bring together a vast range of publicly available data, and analyse it against internationally recognised standards for sustainability, to create an ESG score to track your performance against competitors.

You can use that data to refine your sustainability strategy to ensure that you are hitting your sustainability targets – enabling potential customers, partners and investors to see you are serious about ESG and build value your company accordingly.


Carbon accounting

We also help businesses that want to delve deeper into their own sustainability performance to see how much carbon they are using.

In the drive to be net-zero, our carbon accounting solution is a valuable tool to help you measure energy consumption against your carbon targets.

Our sustainability insights can also be combined with our Intelligent Spaces teams to measure how energy efficient a building is. This can help you to make strategic changes to ensure a leaner performance.

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