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Intelligent Apps

Build more intelligent apps. Improve security and control.

Large companies may be creating hundreds of apps through a variety of tools and services. The main drawback of this trend is that it can be difficult to track what they do – and who is responsible for them.

Elastacloud’s team of world-class data pioneers has created a Power Platform Hub enabling your company to track down the owners of the apps, the connections they are using and the functions they perform.

Your business will gain far greater control over the activities of all these applications, and will inherit a range of connected, organised and intelligent apps.

As part of our Power Platform Hub, we also offer a function through which you can request support with your app-building.

If you are, or one of your team is, in the process of building an app and a problem arises, our team is here to help.

When you get in touch and describe the issue you are facing, one of our team will work together with you and complete the work. This will save you time and money – and you will end up with an app that has been constructed in part by one of our best-in-class data engineers.

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