Coral reefs make up a fraction of the ocean – less than 1% – but they provide a home to around 25% of all the world’s marine life.

Data Analytics Platform

Convert your data in to intelligence - fast

Data from your day-to-day operations can generate insights that can be turned into new initiatives and innovations.

Our data analytics platform can be deployed at incredible speed. Your data can be ready in twenty minutes, with an operational solution in just ten days.

Too often, we see traditional providers taking many months to roll out a solution that does not deliver the insight your business really needs.

We have now created so many solutions that our experienced team can deploy a template of your platform almost instantly, and customise it for your needs within days rather than months.


How it works

Our data analytics platform connects your sources of data to a central point in the cloud where it can all be cleaned, structured and analysed.

Using advanced analytics and AI, our data engineers build valuable insights or predictive models that can be presented in the form of a dashboard, or used to create new intelligence to fuel new business applications, business models or automated processes.

We deliver valuable intelligence that empowers you to make changes to your day-to-day operations, or decisions regarding the future strategy and direction of your business.

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