Knowledge Miner

Delivering Intelligent Search Capability at Enterprise Scale

Harness the power of Generative AI privately over your business data

The technology landscape has been fundamentally reshaped as a result of recent breakthroughs in Generative AI, leading to an explosion in productivity-based innovations.

While individuals have been able to benefit, enterprise has been left behind, unable to take full advantage of the transformative output of LLMs (Large Language Models) due to the responsibility and impact of governing compliance, privacy and security standards.


Introducing Knowledge Miner

Knowledge Miner is the Enterprise Generative AI search solution that gives you the ability to search over unstructured data at scale. Leveraging Azure AI Search and Azure OpenAI, Knowledge Miner provides a bespoke GPT experience, privately and securely from within your own environment.

  • Answers questions on your business data in natural language
  • Transparency on sources used to verify accuracy
  • White label UI to fit your interaction & brand needs


The insight leveraged from your data can be used however you need; to breathe intelligence into your business analytics, to speed up processes, or accelerate your decision making.




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