About Elastacloud

Pioneering through data

Who we are

Who are Elastacloud?

We are data pioneers and industry-leading innovators who challenge the limits of possibility

We accelerate transformation and deliver game-changing insights and outcomes to some of the world’s leading brands.

By using cutting-edge data science and intelligence, we unleash the power and opportunity hidden within data through the design and implementation of world-class, enterprise-grade solutions.

In little more than a decade, Elastacloud has enjoyed a meteoric advance and is now an operation that is trusted to deliver solutions that unlock valuable intelligence and insights.

With its UK headquarters and offices in Brazil, Spain and India, Elastacloud is a global community. We can offer a truly round-the-clock service to clients, and we are united by a culture of pioneering for the greater good.

We work fast, we work smart, and the work we do can make a significant difference for you.

our story

Changing limits since 2011

Richard Conway and Andy Cross, the founders of Elastacloud, were our original pioneers

They share an extraordinary talent for finding untapped opportunities in data – and unleashing its potential.

If someone says: “It can’t be done,” their response is: “Just watch us.”

They have always challenged the limits of what other experts claimed was possible – and usually did it faster than anyone else.

Since 2011, Elastacloud has used advanced analytics, data science, best practice development in AI and cloud data architectures, as well as research and development of sustainable business practices and green technologies.

Our commitment to innovation, intelligent solution and accelerated outcomes has driven the growth of a global business. Our teams of more than 300 data experts are located across the UK, Spain, Brazil and India.

These “Elastaclouders” are some of the finest data technologists around, and serve as strategic advisors to world-leading brands. Richard and Andy are recognised as Microsoft Regional Directors and have been Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals.

our culture

Innovation and Imagination

Elastacloud has a deeply embedded culture of inclusivity, support, collaboration, nurturing and valuing its people

Across the world, we implement a healthy work-life balance and encourage time off for family, friends and self.

We champion shared experience, innovation, creativity, adventure and opportunity. We actively encourage our people to look for bold, alternative solutions – not just in delivering ground-breaking data solutions, but by recognising the importance of play and imagination.  

One example of this is the fact that Elastaclouders across four countries are encouraged to compete in company-wide Dungeons & Dragons tournaments.

For more than a decade, Elastacloud has established and maintained industry user groups, bringing together more than 12,000 people around the world for  community-based learning and innovation.  

We are also proud to sponsor computer labs at Shanti Bhavan, a residential school in India that aims to offer opportunities to children born into poverty.  

Elastacloud firmly believes that data can break boundaries and benefit humanity, which is why we are heavily invested in projects and actions that improve outcomes for individuals and the planet.  

Our Five Key Characteristics

What we do and how you benefit

1/ we are data pioneers

Through our design of world-class solutions, Elastacloud are pioneers in the way data is gathered and interpreted. Our revolutionary approach to transformation drives game-changing insights and outcomes.

2/ we unleash the power of data

Whatever your business objectives may be, our teams have the vision and expertise to unleash the opportunities waiting within your data. We are masters in the art of the possible.

3/ we accelerate innovate outcomes

Wherever you are going, we help you to get there faster – and in a secure and cost-effective way. We do this by implementing bespoke intelligence-led data solutions within weeks, not months.

4/ We are trusted advisors

We act as strategic partners to global brand leaders. Thanks to our world-class expertise, we play a key role in the creation of cutting-edge, ground-breaking data science and intelligence solutions.

5/ We are a global community

Our teams are united by a culture of pioneering for the greater good. We love to solve big problems, and give our people the freedom to experiment, learn quickly, and share ideas.