Lisa’s Journey from Material Science to Data Engineering at the Data Academy

Meet Lisa, a recent graduate in material science and engineering who has embarked on an exciting new chapter at the Data Academy. Despite her non-technical background, Lisa recognised the immense potential for growth and change in the software and data industry. Let’s delve into her motivations, experiences, and aspirations as she forges a career in data engineering.

Why Data Engineering:

Lisa was drawn to the field of data engineering due to its potential for growth and its wide applicability across various industries. Coming from a material science background, she appreciates the opportunity the Data Academy offers to individuals from diverse academic paths, recognizing that different perspectives can contribute to innovative solutions.

Goals and Expectations:

Lisa’s primary goal is to learn from subject matter experts like Maria and Dylan at the Data Academy. She aims to gain certification in Azure, validating her skills and preparing her for customer projects. Her ultimate expectation is to apply her knowledge and make a meaningful impact in the field of data engineering.

Learning Experience at the Data Academy:

As a new graduate at the Data Academy, Lisa is experiencing a steep learning curve. She appreciates the supportive and encouraging environment, which contrasts with the highly competitive academic setting she encountered during university. Lisa has gained insights into building end-to-end solutions and practical aspects of solution development, broadening her understanding of the field.

Support and Mentorship:

Lisa emphasizes the excellent mentorship and support she receives at the Data Academy. Instructors such as Dylan and Maria and the support network have been instrumental in her learning journey. The Zero Gravity learning platform and participation in live projects, recently she worked with Azure Functions, which has boosted her confidence in cloud technologies and expanded her skill set.

Collaboration and Networking:

Lisa values the opportunities for collaboration and networking at the Data Academy. Soft-skills sessions allow her to interact with people, fostering her understanding of consultancy and client relationships. Group sessions enable her to connect with her peers, creating a supportive community of learners.

Overcoming Challenges and growth:

Although Lisa hasn’t encountered specific challenges, transitioning from material science to technology has required adaptation. Drawing from her academic background, she applies approaches from her previous studies to tackle new projects and tasks. Each week brings new lessons and opportunities for growth.

As Lisa progresses through the Data Academy’s 12-week training program, she anticipates developing a multitude of skills and gaining the confidence to become a certified Azure Engineer. Her time at the academy will lay a strong foundation for her career as a cloud data engineer, allowing her to make a tangible impact in the industry.

Future Aspirations:

Initially, Lisa seeks to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the industry works across various sectors. She aims to observe and learn from experts, gradually specializing in a particular sector and becoming an expert in her chosen field. By taking her time and broadening her knowledge base, she aims to make a significant contribution in her future endeavors.

Advice for Future Graduates:

Lisa’s advice to future graduates at the Data Academy is to focus on developing programming skills and honing communication. Strong programming skills coupled with effective communication not only lead to quicker problem-solving but also foster better collaboration and understanding within teams. Lisa’s final advice: ultimately enjoy the process, picking up skills will come naturally when you’re willing to learn new things.

As Lisa continues her journey at the Data Academy, her dedication and enthusiasm for data engineering serve as an inspiration to others. With a strong foundation and a commitment to continuous learning, she is poised to make a remarkable impact in the industry.

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