Elastacloud are Launch Partner for Real-Time Intelligence: AI-Powered Real-Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric

As announced at Microsoft Build 2024, Elastacloud are proud to have been working as a launch partner for Real-Time Intelligence, an enhanced workload for Microsoft Fabric.

Elastacloud’s CEO Richard Conway: “We’re very proud to be the launch partner for Real-Time Intelligence. Having used Synapse Real-Time Analytics and Data Activator in countless customer projects, it’s been a really exciting few months getting to be the first to test out these new capabilities with clients. We’ve been working with some fantastic clients alongside our Microsoft to explore the value of this new feature, and I’d like to thank those teams as well as everyone working on Fabric and Real-Time Intelligence for their support.”

Continue reading to learn:
  • About Real-Time Intelligence & the features we’ve been loving
  • How we’re helping Mitie to monitor fleet fuel efficiency and driver behaviour with Real-Time Intelligence
  • How we’ve used Real-Time Intelligence to enable IWG to track clients from prospect to close in their sales call centres



What is Real-Time Intelligence?

Real-Time Intelligence is an enhanced workload that brings together Synapse Real-Time Analytics and Data Activator, as well as a range of new features, to enable businesses analyse their live data for actionable insight. The inclusion of AI powered features such as Co-Pilot for Real-Time Intelligence and support for AI Anomaly Detector brings this workload right up to date, and is allowing business users to get the most out of their live data.

With the inclusion of Real-Time Intelligence, Fabric now offers our clients everything they need to unlock value from their data all from one united SaaS experience. Additionally for our business customers, the user-friendly tools and dashboarding have meant more of the business is able to access and understand these learnings. Both the case studies below feature customers with large quantities of live data – they both need actionable insight now rather than later. Keep reading to hear what we’ve been working on with them using Real-Time Intelligence.

Real Time Intelligence Analytics on Microsoft Fabric

Features We Love

Ingestion & Processing with Real Time Hub

The Real-Time Hub has helped us gain access to a wide array of data sources with little effort, while leveraging crucial insights into the health of the data ecosystem. This has made the process of data ingestion more efficient with numerous connectors to sources such as AWS Kinesis, Kafka clusters, Microsoft streaming sources, sample data and Fabric events with Get Events. Additionally, Real-Time Hub’s integration in KQL Database experience has made data discovery and ingestion into effortless processes encouraging an interactive and user-friendly approach to data streams.


Analysis & Transformation with Eventhouse

Eventhouse is the new database workspace purpose-built to store event-based data. It has helped bring enhanced order to data with organised databases for easy management, whilst also enabling the sharing of computing and cache resources for maximising productivity. Coupled with full view lineage, high granularity permission controls and effortless migration paths from Azure Synapse Data Explorer and Azure Data Explorer, Eventhouse promotes stringent data security and compliance.


Visualisation & Actionability with Real-Time Dashboards

Real-Time Dashboards are a user-friendly interface designed to provide a dynamic, real-time data visualisation experience. They’ve helped our clients be able to navigate through vast amounts of data effortlessly with high refresh frequency and a wide range of customisation options. Dashboards support chart styles including Bar, Column, Area, and Time to name but a few, all helping to uncover interesting data points easily by utilising conditional formatting to colour-code visuals based on their values. We’ve particularly focused on Map visualisations in our launch projects with customers Mitie and IWG – continue reading below to learn how.

Customer Projects: Real-Time Intelligence in Action


Mitie Logo

Driver Behaviour monitoring for Mitie’s Electric Fleet

One of the customers who have been feeling the benefit of Real-Time Intelligence is a is Mitie, the UK’s leading Facilities Management company. They have a fleet of thousands of vehicles, driven around the country daily by their teams of Mobile Engineers and Logistics Operatives. Last month they welcomed their 5,000th electric vehicle, with two thirds (66%) of their fleet now fully electric. This is part of an ambition to reach net zero by 2025, a target they’re set to reach with one of the largest electric fleets in the UK.

Mitie had been interested in tracking driver behaviour and fuel/battery usage in order to understand the causes of fuel inefficiency. Most of their fleet are fitted with a range of IoT sensors, collecting data such as fuel levels, distance between refuels, and driver behaviour such as driving and braking speeds.

Elastacloud use Real-Time Intelligence for Fleet Operations and Telemetry
Understanding real-time fleet data for a better understanding of fuel usage and driver behaviour

Using Real-Time Intelligence to stream this information from the GeoTab API and enriching it with contextual data such as route and job information, we have been able to create a live dashboard with maps giving live information on changing driver behaviours in real time. Vehicles are highlighted in different colours corresponding to the distance travelled before they need to charge, and scored on driver behaviour in terms of both safety and fuel efficiency.

Mitie hope to use this to optimise route planning and reduce costs through intelligent charging of electric vehicles at any of their 3,000 charge points across its colleagues’ homes and customer sites. Additionally they are looking to make use of real-time alerts on dashboards to notify management of potential dangerous driving or unusual driver behaviour.


IWG logo

Live Tracking Sales Prospect Activity from Enquiry to Close for IWG

We’ve been working with IWG, the world’s leading hybrid working solutions provider, which encompasses many brands including Regus, Spaces, HQ and Signature. They manage 4000 buildings across 120 cities serving 8 million customers globally. With increasing numbers of workers and organisations looking for flexible hybrid office and meeting solutions, IWG receive upwards of 50,000 calls a week enquiring about their spaces.

IWG were interested in connecting their live call data with data from their CRM to enable seamless end-to-end intelligence over the marketing and sales pipeline, allowing them to track and analyse the progress of prospective customers in real time. Their existing telephony platform allocates sales enquiry calls as they come in through the web, and helps agents to collect information on the nature of the enquiry, including transcripts of conversations. We have been able to connect this live data with other data within IWG’s CRM, allowing for a fuller picture of all of the interactions the lead has had with specific marketing campaign materials, webpages, virtual tours, to name but a few.

Elastacloud use Real-Time Intelligence for Sales Centres
Bringing Sales and Marketing data together with real-time call centre data for premium analytic capability.

Using Real-Time Intelligence, Elastacloud have been able to stream the live call data and seamlessly integrate it with CRM datapoints, incorporating this into a live dashboard. Map visualisations are used to pinpoint each incoming call, with colour coding to indicate where that caller is in the sales lifecycle.

In linking known Campaign ID interactions to live call data, IWG hope that sales agents will be empowered to triage and approach leads at the right time in the right way, making informed decisions to impact sales outcomes while on the phone with prospects. Additionally, stakeholders will be able to visualise all calls taking place at any one time, and better understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and action this insight to better target potential customers.


Get Involved

Elastacloud are excited to offer a series of business and technical workshops to help you understand how Real-Time Intelligence within Fabric can help you to gain actionable insight from your live data.

Interested in Fleet Telemetry? Book your workshop today

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