A leading multi-national energy company

The company wanted to centralise all its security information – and use it to generate valuable business intelligence.

The business wanted to develop a more rapid response to security breaches. It could see the benefit of centralising all the security information generated globally. However, hundreds of data feeds needed to be ingested and pooled in a single place.

Elastacloud’s first priority was to create a data lake, where all the security information from locations around the world could be stored. We facilitated this partly by replacing some vendor-specific or private tools with generic tools. 

We then applied our data analytics platform to enable our client to analyse the data relating to security issues. Part of this work including retrofitting the platform so that it could also analyse the previous two years of data.  

We created a web portal where all that information could be accessed and analysed, and developed data feeds that the company could use to feed its own dashboards.


Our client was able to react much more quickly to security incidents. Staff can now write a simple query and find all the users affected by, for instance, a file that was received by email in the previous 24 hours.  

It also benefited from new systems that analyse the security behaviour of staff members and identify non-compliant behaviour and associated risks.  

Managers can obtain a high-level perspective of company-wide security that can be analysed on a month-by-month basis. 

Senior leaders have estimated that our solutions have saved the company several million pounds.


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Chief Technology Officer

Data lake feeds energy giant’s security upgrades

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Client A leading multi-national energy company
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A household name in the energy world, this multi-national company wanted to centralise all its security information and generate valuable business intelligence from it.

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