CMSPI wanted to upgrade its capability to analyse data relating to problems with electronic transactions at point of sale.

CMSPI aspired to supply a solution to its big retail clients that could analyse failed transactions and the reasons for them. Problems could arise from a customer inputting the wrong PIN, or the connection dropping and causing the transaction to be aborted.

We created an interface, called Quantafi, which allowed data relating to failed transactions to be collated and analysed so that ongoing problems could be rectified.  

Our focus was not on the intelligence driving the interface, but on the efficient gathering and presentation of that intelligence.  

The interface we delivered as a Minimum Viable Product enabled CMSPI to visualise the data effectively and derive the insights it needed. It could also customise and enhance our solution after it took delivery of the MVP.


Elastacloud combined several areas of expertise in the successful deployment of our solution to CMSPI. We leveraged our experience in data collection and in its management, presentation and distribution. 

CMSPI was extremely happy with the results driven by the MVP. It has since developed its own version of the product that it presents to customers.


The quality of the consolidated data has presented exciting new opportunities for us. We can better extrapolate and visualise unique insights from the data.

Mark Ketley
Head of IT at CMSPI

Delivering efficiencies and insights on point-of-sale transaction issues

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Client CMSPI
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CMSPI is a major payments optimisation business that harnesses the power of data to enable many leading brands to optimise their payment functions.

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