HomeServe, a business that generates a significant volume of documents including policies, claims and complaints, required an upgrade on its legacy software.

HomeServe had identified the need for a search capability so that, among other applications, customer service agents could quickly locate the documentation they needed.  We were recommended for this project through our relationship with Microsoft because of our experience, particularly in Azure Cognitive Search. 

Elastacloud built the search service, as well as contributing to the architectural design of the storage system, plus the front and back end of the web application supporting the new functionality.  

We used Azure native technology and our own Knowledge Miner product, which is based on Azure’s cognitive search.  

Knowledge Miner can be customised to meet the precise needs of any customer that needs to reorganise its data storage and internal search function.  

Our work was completed, and a fully working customised platform delivered, within a total of 10 weeks, an impressively quick deployment of a bespoke solution.


A large proportion of HomeServe’s data is now much more easily discoverable. Customer service teams are able to track down the information they need about clients quickly and seamlessly.  

At the latest count, more than 20 million documents have been stored, indexed and made more searchable.


“We’re thrilled to have Knowledge Miner rolled out across our customer service team. The improvements to efficiency and customer satisfaction have been above and beyond what we hoped for.” – Paul Hawkins, Enterprise Architect

Searchable digital filing system for more than 20 million documents

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Client HomeServe
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HomeServe is a multi-national home emergency repairs and improvements company with its headquarters in the UK.

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