What is DevOps?

The word DevOps is often confused and used for a catch all job role for anything that doesn’t fit pure development or pure operations. However, DevOps is not a job role in reality – its the glue between deployment, development and operations and as a result leads to cultural change in organisations.

DevOps at its core is all about ensuring that platform components are deployed with best practice and only a good quality platform is delivered to production. Although the discipline can stand alone, DevOps is used best with agile methodologies meaning your push to production can coincide with your sprint cycles rapidly increasing feature delivery. Continuous integration, delivery and testing only become possible with a good DevOps approach. Now that most compute platforms are moving to or are already in the cloud, it is a necessity to use a DevOps approach to manage the estates and software delivery as cloud spend can easily get out of hand.

With efficient DevOps practices in place you can not only ensure that you utilise the best feature of any cloud service which is near instant spin up / down of resources, efficiently controlling your cost, you can also define all of your infrastructure as code alongside your development assets. Storing infrastructure as code with DevOps pipelines enables you to version control your platform meaning you can roll back to a point of time with a few clicks, track changes easily over time and enforce security and best practice into your deployments.

By introducing DevOps you also gain more time for you to do the things you love best whether its writing code, testing, monitoring, deploying or supporting the platforms. It fosters better collaboration and also better innovation from teams.

With all those amazing benefits available, people often jump straight in and say ‘Let’s be a DevOps focused team’. That’s great and you can realise those benefits, however, you need to ensure you follow well trodden paths using proven methodologies. The tech community is very good at highlighting the way to go and why not to take certain paths. Follow the advice because if DevOps is implemented wrong in your organisation it can actually cause slow, cumbersome insecure and un-manageable deployments, siloed practices and outdated methodologies that are proven to fail.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we help organisations introduce DevOps methodologies or turnaround failing DevOps practices.

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