Dylan: empowering aspiring Data Engineers at the Data Academy

Meet Dylan, an experienced data engineer who has been making waves as an instructor at the Data Academy. With a strong background in data engineering, including industry experience at ASOS and other customer projects, Dylan brings a wealth of knowledge to his role. Let’s dive deeper into his teaching style, expertise, and the impact he’s making at the Data Academy.

Teaching Style and Approach: 

Dylan is known for his hands-on mentoring approach, ensuring that students gain practical experience along with theoretical knowledge. Having navigated the transition from graduation to a career in tech himself, he understands the challenges faced by aspiring data engineers. Dylan utilizes the Data Academy’s in-house Zero Gravity Learning platform, contributing numerous courses to enhance the learning experience. 

Expertise and Industry Experience: 

Specializing in Data Engineering in Azure and Python, Dylan’s industry experience shines through in his teaching. Having worked on projects with esteemed organizations like ASOS and Brit Insurance, he brings real-world examples and insights to the Data Academy. His diverse background, including a year in industry as a data scientist, enables him to bridge the gap between academia and professional data engineering. 

What Course Content does Dylan lead: 

The data engineering course at the Data Academy covers a wide range of topics essential for those interested in how to be a data engineer. Grads develop skills in Git, Azure Key Vault, Azure Active Directory, Azure Data Lake, Azure Event Hub, Power BI, and more. By combining theoretical fundamentals with hands-on experience, Dylan ensures that graduates are equipped with the knowledge and practical expertise required in the industry. 

Dylan’s dedication and passion for teaching have garnered positive responses. Graduates appreciate his guidance beyond the training period, helping them become certified in Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure and Databricks associate developer for Apache Spark. The academy prioritises keeping the content up to date, leveraging a rotation of content writers who have worked on new projects to ensure the training remains current. 

Support and mentorship: 

Recognizing the importance of ongoing support, Dylan provides virtual mentorship sessions to the graduates. Additionally, the Data Academy fosters a collaborative environment through its dedicated online “help I’m stuck” channel, which allows graduates to seek guidance from the entire company, encouraging knowledge sharing and problem-solving. To further enhance soft skills, the academy utilizes Elastacloud’s in-house games master for gamified learning experiences. 

Dylan believes in continuous learning and encourages personal growth among his students. He offers resources and recommendations for further study and professional development, enabling graduates to stay up to date with the rapidly evolving field of data engineering. Dylan’s commitment to staying relevant and supporting his students’ growth is a testament to his dedication as an instructor. 

Impact on the Data Academy: 

Dylan’s impact as an instructor at the Data Academy has been substantial. His transition to being an instructor in conjunction to working as a senior engineer has been seamless as he genuinely enjoys serving and helping others. Dylan takes pride in witnessing the tangible progress of graduates, particularly due to the diverse STEM backgrounds within the cohort. By imparting practical skills, industry insights, and a passion for continuous learning, Dylan is shaping the future of aspiring data engineers and empowering them to thrive in Elastacloud and the tech industry. 

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