Maria: Empowering Data Engineers as the Head of The Data Academy

Meet Maria Gabarron (also known as MJ at Elastacloud), a talented data engineer at Elastacloud who has taken on the role of instructor and lead at the Data Academy. Through her expertise in cloud data engineering and dedication to bridging the skills gap in the industry, Maria has become a driving force in shaping the Data Academy’s curriculum and fostering the growth of aspiring data engineers. Let’s dive deeper into her background, vision, teaching style, and the impact she has made on the Academy.

A little bit about her:

Maria’s journey began as a business intelligence engineer and RPA developer. In 2019, she joined Elastacloud as a BI engineer and gradually transitioned into data engineering, working on end-to-end solutions for customers. Recognizing her technical proficiency and passion for teaching, the CEO of Elastacloud entrusted Maria with the opportunity to lead the Data Academy. She started as an instructor and quickly progressed to the role of head of content, demonstrating her ability to create comprehensive course structures and manage the Academy’s growth.

A Vision for Bridging the Skills Gap:

Aligned with the founders’ vision, Maria aims to use the Data Academy as a vehicle to bridge the current skills gap in technology. Her mission is to create enterprise-ready data engineers while reducing the time and cost associated with finding and training top talent. With an emphasis on collaboration, constructive feedback, and continuous learning, Maria fosters an environment where graduates are equipped to add value to their teams from day one.

Expertise and Teaching Style:

Maria’s areas of expertise lie in cloud data engineering and the development of end-to-end cloud solutions. Her teaching style takes a holistic approach, with core content delivered through the online Zero Gravity Platform. Additionally, she offers personalized support through one-on-one sessions, ensuring that each student receives the assistance they need. Maria and the Data Academy team also gamify the learning experience, making it engaging and interactive for the students.

As the head of the Academy, Maria plays a vital role in developing the Data Academy’s curriculum. With a focus on Microsoft Azure’s data platforms and staying ahead of the latest trends and technologies, she ensures that graduates are well-prepared for real-world challenges. Leveraging the expertise of Elastacloud’s Microsoft MVPs and Databricks champions, the Academy’s offerings have an industry edge that sets graduates apart.

Supportive Learning Environment and Career Placement:

She’s committed to creating a supportive learning environment at the Data Academy. Through validation, continuous support, and accessibility, she ensures that graduates feel empowered to succeed. The Academy utilizes various channels, including one-to-one sessions and an internal “help me I’m stuck” channel, where graduates can seek assistance from the wider Elastacloud team. Additionally, the Academy assists in placing graduates into customer projects, providing them with valuable hands-on experience.

Continuous Learning and Recognition:

Maria’s dedication to staying at the forefront of evolving technologies is supported by Elastacloud’s involvement in beta cloud technologies. As the industry evolves, Maria ensures that the Data Academy’s content remains up to date, enabling graduates to stay competitive in the ever-changing data engineering landscape. Graduates undergo certifications such as Azure Data Engineer Associate and Databricks Certified Associates for Apache Spark, validating their skills and industry recognition.

Finally, as the head of the Academy, her ultimate aspiration is to position the Data Academy as a leading hub for technology upskilling and learning. While currently focused on data engineering, she envisions expanding the Academy’s offerings to include data science and data operations, catering to a broader range of cloud technologies. Maria’s leadership and expertise as the head of the Data Academy have made a profound impact on the growth and success of aspiring data engineers.


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