Serco wanted a greater understanding of the skills required by UK businesses, and of programmes provided by central government to train workers in those skills.

Serco wanted to build a learning pathway for 16 and 17-year olds – and for older generations – to identify available training courses in relevant skills, and where government funding would be provided for eligible trainees. Serco aimed to play a key role in linking professionals of the future with the training courses that would enable them to address the UK’s skills gap.

Elastacloud created a learning platform called Checksy. People wishing to train for particular professions can visit the platform and enter details including their age and postal code.

They can then discover training courses in their area, and also access a Funding Finder that will show them whether or not financial support is available to help them afford the cost of those courses.

Our contribution was to build the technology that gathered in the data and presented it on a platform that showcased the relevant information.


Serco took delivery of the Checksy learning platform in 2022. It represents a significant step forward in empowering people to find employment through developing the skills they need on funded training courses in their area.

Large numbers have used the platform to access the funding they need to hone their skills and find fulfilling employment with the help of Serco.


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Creating a learning platform to narrow the skills gap

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Serco is a leading provider of public services. It derives most of its annual income of more than £4billion as a contractor for the provision of Government services.  

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