Shanti Bhavan Sponsorship

Our ethos is instilling a sense of community and confidence into the next generation of talent & our plan at Elastacloud is to build sustainable social equity in the technologies we work in.

The reason behind this – it’s the right thing to do! We believe that the world would be a much greater place if we all work together, to ensure no one is left behind; no matter where you come from.

Elastacloud supports by –

  1. Taking graduates and even experienced individuals that possess the passion and mindset to make a difference, and train them with the next generation of digital skills.

  2. For each graduate that’s in our programme, we fund for one person’s cost at Shanti Bhavan, an initiative that uplifts children in need through education.

  3. Our unique training combines; coaching, training classes, and on-the-job experience, this will provide the individual sense of value while enabling organisations to grow their digital talent.

  4. Each Elastaclouder will invest at least an hour of their own time each month to mentor and support children, advancing their IT literacy by teaching how to code and more. Embedding our grads with a sense of community.

We believe in rediscovering our sense of service in community by providing digital skills for the future, this ensures our values are passed on to more people we support.

Making a step change to a better world, for everyone.


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