Celebrating our continued partnership with The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC)

We’re extremely thrilled to announce that Elastacloud has extended our sponsorship with The National Museum of Computing for the next three years. As a company deeply entrenched in technology and innovation, we are proud to support this great institution that preserves the world’s largest collection of (functional) computing, located in the birthplace of British computing and cyber-security – Bletchley Park.

“We’re extremely proud to have been invited to be a sponsor of TNMOC. Without this prestigious institution, there would be no permanent record to preserve the history of British computing. We’re looking forward to participating in events with the Museum and bringing more awareness to the amazing things they do across our communities and networks.” – Richard Conway, CEO & Co-Founder of Elastacloud

Preserving British computing heritage

The National Museum of Computing is a treasure trove of working computing history, with over 70 years of invaluable artifacts, housing the largest collection of functioning historic computers and WW2 machines which include The Enigma, The Turing-Welchman Bombe, Colossus, The Harwell Computer (WITCH), IBM 1130, and many more. The museum is a living testament to the brilliant minds and ground-breaking innovations that paved the way for the digital age we enjoy today.

Elastacloud is happy to be a part of TNMOC’s commitment to preserving and maintaining these historic machines, ensuring the stories of the pioneers who shaped the computing landscape is kept alive for generations to come.

Unlocking the future

TNMOC isn’t just a repository of the past; it’s also a hub for future generations. Elastacloud actively supports the museums inclusive learning initiatives including the “Digital Futures Day’ for young people, especially young women in their pursuit and engagement in STEM. This initiative is dedicated for to empower school-age learners with the knowledge and skills for employability and thrive in the digital era.

Upcoming events include the LGBTQ+ STEM day, joined by Elastacloud’s very own DevOps Engineer – Misha Anker. The hands-on workshop will let students immerse themselves in interactive experiences such as coding challenges, to virtual reality both fun and educational. It’ll allow students to network and connect with our industry professionals, paving the way for the future. We even met our junior data engineer via the museum. See her story here:

“We’re extremely happy to announce our brand-new sponsor and partner, Elastacloud. It’s been a tough year for the museum – at one point we even thought we might have to shut our doors to the public. It’s companies like Elastacloud who have been imperative in ensuring we keep our doors open and continue to engage and inspire all with valuable knowledge transfer. We’re still in need of further sponsors but we cannot wait to work with the team at Elastacloud and see what the future has in store for us” – Jacqui Garrad, Director of TNMOC

Why TNMOC matters to us

Our continued partnership with TNMOC is a testament to our shared belief in the importance of preserving the past while shaping the future. Through our renewed sponsorship, we aim to support the museum in its mission to inspire future generations of tech enthusiasts, educate students about the importance and wonders of computing, while ensuring the legacy of early computing remains alive.

Get involved and visit

We’d like to invite all our readers to visit this great museum and witness some of the great computers in action (The bombe is my personal favourite, the electro-mechanical machine decrypts the Enigma!).

Book a visit to TNMOC in Bletchley Park (only 35 mins away from London Euston), and enjoy 10% off using the code “ELASTA10”, your patronage supports their amazing initiatives and makes a lasting impact to the world of technology.

“We are, in a small way, a continuation of our national pedigree in computing and it gives me great pride to be able to contribute to safeguarding this tribute to the history of our greatest problem solvers and the parents of the computer revolution”. – Andy Cross, CPO & Co-Founder of Elastacloud


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