Intelligent Search

Find answers and insights faster

Our intelligent Search solutions bring the information you need to your fingertips quickly.

Your business may create high volumes of data – and store it in a fairly unstructured way.

This could include PDF documents, images, handwritten notes, typed memos and much more. We help you quickly search across volumes of data, documents, images, to find what data you’re looking for. We help you to interpret the data to deliver valuable insights fast.

Our Knowledge Miner technology leverages Microsoft’s Cognitive Search to offer advanced search capabilities, organise your data and make it user-friendly.

Our tool can process your information, in all its forms, into a single searchable web browser where you can find the information you need at any time.

For example, legal firms can track down a single document from an enormous database rather than trawling it by hand. Similarly, HR departments can interrogate stored data when looking through CVs for particular qualifications, skills or experience.

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