The Perseverance Rover landed on the surface of Mars in 2020 and is currently searching for signs of ancient life and rock samples.

Intelligent Search

Extract value from your data with our Intelligent Search solutions

Many of our clients are surprised to realise that the data insights they seek are already at their fingertips.

Our Knowledge Miner solution leverages Microsoft’s Cognitive Search as a Service offering advanced search capabilities across data held within your organisation and making it far more useful and user-friendly. The insights driven will empower faster and smarter decision-making.

Whatever type of business you are in, it’s likely that you create loads of data – and that much of it is stored in a fairly unstructured way. You may have PDF documents, images, handwritten notes, typed memos and much more.

Our Knowledge Miner is an intelligent search tool that can process all of those various pieces of information into a single searchable web browser. Once that has been created, you can mine it for all the different types of information you might need at any time.

And time is the key factor here – because you will save so much of it by being able to trawl through all that data to collect precisely what you need to use or research at any given moment. No longer will you have to spend hours laboriously searching by hand through customer records.

Legal firms particularly appreciate being able to track down a single document from an enormous database.

One of the most useful attributes of the knowledge miner is the ability it gives you to interpret and interrogate your stored data. You can ask questions that identify immediately the answers you are looking for.

Human Resources departments also enjoy being able to search through candidates’ CVs for particular skills, companies worked at and experiences or qualifications gained.

The ability to identify attributes of a workforce makes it easy for businesses to see where people can be re-deployed in a large business.

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